Self Care During the Holidays

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It’s no surprise that the Holidays are a stressful and busy time of year. Countless parties, holiday preparation and even snow storms can cause anxiety and unwanted triggers. It’s important to keep yourself on “the nice list” this year and make time for self care during the holidays.

Here are our 5 Suggestions for Holiday Self Care:

1. Set Boundaries

Unfortunately, our societal norms tell us that we MUST shop endlessly all holiday season long and if we’re not making Pinterest-worthy christmas cookies then somehow we failed. The good news is that you are an adult. You get to choose what activities and traditions to participate in during this season. If a holiday party brings up certain triggers, don’t go. If doing Elf On Shelf seems like a huge time-sucker for you, don’t do it. It does not make you a bad parent. It’s important to set up boundaries and not go above our limits. There are millions and millions of gifts and/or traditions that marketers will want to sell to you, but ultimately YOU get to determine what your holiday season looks like.

2. Make Time For Your Recovery

This is the most important self care tip we can ever prescribe. You may have a long to-do list and family gatherings to attend, but know that above all else, your recovery must be top priority on the list. This concept stays true throughout November and December. Be sure to make time for your unique recovery process, whether that's going to exercise, journaling, attending a 12-step meeting or hiking outdoors - make these things a priority over the Holidays and always.

3. Release Expectations

The holidays can often bring up a sense of meeting high expectations with family visits, giving the perfect presents or simply keeping up your busy schedule during this time of year. Instead of focusing on what everything should look and feel like during this season, try to focus on the present moment. Allow yourself to open to the newness of the experience.

4. Take Mindfulness Breaks

As we said before, the holidays can turn your life upside down for a few months. Amidst all the chaos, try to carve out some time for yourself. Take 5 minutes or 60 minutes to mindfully and consciously take care of yourself, whatever that is. It can be a simple meditation (we recommend YogaGlo for some amazing mediations), having a cup of tea or simply taking a few minutes to breath in and out. Taking just a moment to simply notice the breath can give you radical benefits and calm the entire nervous system.

5. Give Back

Tis the of giving. Studies have shown that giving back to others is extremely therapeutic for the mind, body and soul. During the holidays there are numerous opportunities to give back to your community or even the world at large. Here’s a great list, things big and small, that you can do to give back during the holidays -> click here.

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