Vivitrol is a Solution for Many Opioid and Alcohol Addicts who Want Treatment

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Quitting alcohol or opioids is no cakewalk. These are two of the most difficult mind-altering substances to give up. This is because the withdrawal process is so unbearable. Many people have a sincere desire to quit drinking or drugging, but they simply can’t do it because they know what will happen when they stop. Withdrawal is what happens when your …

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Campral: Medication for Alcohol Addiction

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Unlike illegal drugs, the consumption of alcohol is considered socially acceptable, making it difficult for many to understand the dangers involved. Alcohol is served at celebrations and considered a pastime for many. Most people don’t realize it, but alcohol is a highly addictive substance. Drinking is a serious matter, especially if addiction is involved. You can get hooked on alcohol …

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Suboxone – Opioid Addiction Treatment

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Modern medicine has made opioid withdrawal much more bearable with the drug suboxone. Many people in the United States are struggling with an addiction to opioids. Street heroin and legal narcotic painkillers like Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, and Fentanyl are the most popular. In the past, those who wanted to quit using these powerful substances had no other choice but to quit …

In the Wake of the Recent Deaths of Spade and Bourdain Lets Talk about Suicide

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With the unexpected recent suicide deaths of beloved chef Anthony Bourdain and top designer Kate Spade, there is a national conversation happening about suicide prevention. While their deaths are indeed tragic – and they will be dearly missed – this conversation is a good thing. Of course, there is usually a spike in the public’s interest about suicide when a …

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Three Tips to Build an Addiction Recovery Support Network

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When you are in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, you need to have a strong addiction recovery support network. Recovery is a community effort. You cannot do it alone. Let’s be honest – you used drugs or alcohol to the point that your life became completely unmanageable. You tried time and time again to stop drinking or using drugs, …

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Do You Have to be in Alcoholics Anonymous to be Sober?

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If you go to a rehab, chances are your case manager will recommend that you attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings once you leave. Most substance abuse treatment facilities in the United States promote the 12-Step process as an effective way to treat alcoholism. While we encourage you to pursue 12-Step meetings as a way to enhance your sobriety after treatment, we …

How Setting Goals Can Help You in Addiction Recovery

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When you first get into recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, all you can really focus on is staying sober. This is totally normal and appropriate. Reorienting yourself so that you are no longer driven by the compulsion to get high or drunk is a lot of work. In fact, it’s downright exhausting. For the first few months …

Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

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Outpatient Addiction Treatment provides services for those who want to find freedom from the bondage of addiction. You get the same kind of quality evidence-based care you would expect from an inpatient program. Many Addicted People Don’t Realize That Outpatient Treatment Is Available For an addict, making the decision to get into recovery is a difficult one. Most people try …

How Long does Recovery from Addiction Take?

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One Day at a Time, Recovery is a Lifelong Process. When it comes to stepping out of the darkness of addiction into the light of recovery, most people ask the same question: How long is this gonna take? The truth is, recovery is an ongoing, lifelong process. We say this not to depress or discourage you – quite the opposite! …

Six Awesome Shows and Movies about Addiction and Recovery

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One of the best ways to disconnect your mind from the idea that you are somehow different from your fellow man is to watch TV shows and movies about addiction and recovery. This will help you realize that you are part of a recovery community that is greater than yourself. Drug and alcohol addiction has a way of tricking you …