Adopting Some Habits for a Happy Life

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Happiness can seem elusive, or always just out of reach. We may think we’ll be happier when we get a raise or move somewhere better or once our kids are older or once we overcome a current trial in our lives. The reality of happiness is that it’s a journey, a part of the process. We can feel happiness all along the way, and it usually comes as a result of other behaviors rather than explicit pursuit of happiness.

Some habits have been proven to increase our happiness and mental health. Adopting one or more of these habits will make a huge difference in our lives and happiness. Could you try one of these?

• Make Your Bed. It’s an early start to your day that makes a world of difference. People who make their beds retain a sense of peace and control over their environment. It only takes a second!

• Gratitude Practice. Happy people are grateful people. There’s no “right” way to do this, either. Essentially you just need to find a way to notice or express gratitude for your life. Some people like journaling, others like gratitude prayers, mantras, or spoken thanks. Just remembering what you have to be grateful for can improve your happiness dramatically.

• One of the best ways to increase happiness is to spend time on projects, hobbies, or skills. Even if they seem frivolous, hobbies and skills bring perspective and joy into your life.

• Family Time. Making time for your family can be stressful and time-consuming, but studies show that spending more time with spouses, children, parents, siblings, and extended family gives you a better sense of connectedness. This connectedness in turn makes you happier Set up a family game night or dinner at Grandma’s regularly to enjoy more family time.

• Get Outside. Spending time outside is healing to body and soul. Whether you prefer hiking, boating, long canyon drives, or peaceful scenery on a walk, it can be easy and beneficial to regularly spend time outside each day, or at least each week. Not to mention it can make you healthier!

• Learn Something New. Happy people are those who continually learn new skills and try new things. Read a book about something which interests you. Ask a friend to teach you a cool skill at which they’re an expert. Watch a totally new movie or documentary with no background expectations. Take an online class or community course about something cool. The happiness benefits are large.

Picking up a few of these simple and easy habits can increase the happiness in your life and help you see the good in each and every day. You deserve balance, happiness, and peace. We wish you luck in creating a healthier life!

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