A Letter from a Drug Addicted Son to his Mother

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"Today I can really see how lucky I truly am to have such an amazing mother and family in my life. I work with so many that don’t have what I have and often wonder how they will make it. I'm writing this letter for many reasons. The main point I really want to express is gratitude."

Mom... You are the light that is always found in times of darkness.
You are the reason I no longer feel pain.
You kept me safe when all I sought was danger,
Your son I am blessed to be.
You brought me food when I was hungry,
You fed me when the last thing I wanted to do was eat,
You filled my life with warmth when the world seemed so cold,
You son I am blessed to be.

You were the strength when I couldn’t lift a finger,
You are the power behind my soul,
Your passion has filled my heart and mind,
Your son I am blessed to be.

You have always been the last one standing in my corner,
You never threw in the towel,
You fought for me through the battles I had fallen.
Your son I am blessed to be.

Now that the clouds have lifted and clarity has now been found,
I still can’t find the words to say to express my thanks,
How can I possibly convey the appreciation?
To someone I owe the world.

Mom... I am standing here alive and breathing,
I love my life more than I ever believed I could,
My heart is filled with love and peace,
Drug can’t hurt me anymore.

Mom... I know it can be hard to believe I have made it this far...
I know at times you thought I wasn’t going to make it...
I know the fright is something I may never really know...
Drugs will ever hurt me again.

Mom... Your son is here although he was gone for a very long time,
I promise to never go back to that dark place ever again,
Please understand how much I love and care about you,
And I know I will never be able to repay you for that you have done.

So please take my deepest thank you from the bottom of my heart with every inch of gratitude I have in my body.
Know that the only reason I am alive today is because I have a mother that loved me as much as you.

Drugs can never hurt me again... because of you. Thank you Mom.

I wish I could do more for you Mom. These words will just have to do.
Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me. I love you with all my heart and again feel blessed to be your son!

On November 1st 2007 you took me into Odyssey House. I have now been sober for four years. Thank you for this gift, I’ll never forget it.

Always love, your once was, never again, drug addicted son.

** Update: This man will be 9 years sober November 1